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Now that Unemployment rates are down, it is time to recover from a period that offered scarce job opportunities. Over the last ten years, many Americans accepted almost any job that put food on the table. However, since the job market improved, it doesn’t appear that job satisfaction has improved. In other words instead of finding a better job, people are still working those same thankless jobs. I’m not sure if it is out of loyalty or complacency, but it’s got to stop! So, here are 12 ways to change your career karma that you can start today.

1 – Get a total resume makeover in 2018 by a Professional Resume Writer, like Your resume may be great, but you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. If you are not getting offers for the type of job that you are qualified for and want, then a resume makeover is the first step to cleansing your career karma.

2 – Reinvent yourself. Whether it’s with a new haircut or a few additions to your wardrobe, nothing can boost your confidence more than doing something to make yourself feel good from the inside out.

3 – Career Shift.  While jobs such as customer service or sales positions will always be in demand, some jobs are not as popular as they were a decade ago. For example, many retailers are opting for “self” checkout, rather than live checkout leaving a bit of a decline in demand for cashiers. However, the customer service skills acquired as a cashier makes for an easy transition to a customer service position, either face to face,  in a call center, or from home. If this is the case and you skipped # 1, then you absolutely must update your resume to match your new career path.

4 –You need to become truly immersed in the field that you want. Increase your networking activities. One great way to do this is to have a professional social media profile created and follow groups and influencers in the industry that you are interested in. A Professional Resume Writer can also help in creating a compelling LinkedIn profile.

5 – Freelance or Temp work. Sign up with a local temp agency and opt for temp work, this not only keeps your skills fresh, it keeps the gaps in your employment history to a minimum. Long gaps in your employment can prevent you from getting hired. Temp jobs often lead to permanent positions and if they don’t do so immediately, make sure you connect on Facebook or LinkedIn with workers there , as you may find out about permanent positions before they are advertised.

6 – Volunteer/Internship – This is another way to exercise your skills, while adding to your resume.  Many volunteer opportunities lead to permanent paid employment, as you are in a position to prove your worth, which speaks volumes.

7 – Take a class or better yet, go back to school.  Learn a new skill or enhance those that you already have. Investing in yourself is the best way to getting the job you want.  This also puts you in a position to network. Many schools now offer free career services upon graduation.

8 – Subscribe to trade magazines and associations affiliated with your profession. The expense can be deducted from your taxes and you may learn of networking opportunities or even job openings that are not listed on job sites like Indeed.

9 – Be flexible. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to go two steps forward. If you dont have required skills for the job you want, you may qualify for a junior level position. Taking a slight pay cut, for 6-12 mobths while you learn the job and the people can put you in a great position for advancement.

10- Get off the NET. With so many resumes flooding the internet, it may be time to get back to basics. Stop by an office and ask to speak with the Human Resources Manager, then hand deliver your resume. If the corporate headquarters are not local to you, then call the main number and ask for the name of the hiring manager and forward your resume addressed to them personally.

11- Follow the news. Many companies like Sears and Kmart are announcing store closings, however past trends suggest that these companies will  advertise job openings once the dust settles.  Submit your resume as soon as you hear the news. While this may not be a quick turnaround, it puts you ahead of the masses.

12- Hire yourself. That’s right! Starting or buying a business is a surefire way to get yourself hired. If you are receiving unemployment benefits, check first with the department of labor to ensure that you follow the proper guidelines so your payments will not be jeopardized. They also offer a ton of free advice and resources on getting started. Need some business ideas to get started? Visit for some ideas and help on starting a new business.

Good Luck!

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