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  1. It’s Just Faster! According to the 2017 Jobvite Benchmark Report, average tie from application to hire is 39 days. A recruiter can help with reducing your waiting period by staying connected to the hiring manager. That means you are not just a number waiting to be called back and your time to hire will be quicker than someone who chose the DIY approach.
  2. Get Schooled – Recruiters speak to hiring managers and receive feedback regarding which skills and/or experience the Hiring Manager is willing to compromise on and what is truly a “must have” trait needed in a candidate. With this information, your Recruiter can help you with interview, resume and cover letter tips to help you nail the job!
  3. Get Connected –According to the 2017 Jobvite Benchmark Report, over 85% of applicants are received through career sites and job boards, but these venues are the least effective for actually landing the job. After internal hires, which Is 6X more effective than using a job board, referring applicants is still 5x more effective than applying through a job board. The pecking order for reviewing applications to job openings is:
  • Internal hires
  • Referred applications
  • Career Fair or Custom Hiring Campaigns
  • Your job board application
  • Social Media
  1. It’s Just Easier! Scouring job boards to find jobs then creating your profile and uploading your resume in a crazed attempt to find the perfect position can be daunting. It takes a lot of time and energy and provides the lowest return on your investment. It’s best to let a Recruiter match you with positions that meet your skills and experience.
  2. Better Communication – When you have an Independent Recruiter, they do not get paid unless you are hired, so you have someone who is wholly vested in understanding exactly where you are in the hiring process. When you submit an application through a career site, in most cases you have no idea if anyone is even on the other side reading your great cover letter and resume. The waiting game can be excruciating, especially when you really need to land a job. However, if you have the right Recruiter, you will receive more timely communication. You will know that your resume is being reviewed by the Hiring Manager and you will know when your application is being fast tracked to the next stage, or not. This can be very helpful in determining your next steps.

If you do not have a Recruiter on your side, then you are doing your job search all wrong. Find a Recruiter that has jobs in your desired industry and claim the career that you deserve!

Good Luck with your job search/


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