Top 5 Ways ReliableVA is Disrupting the Recruiting & Virtual Assisting Industries!!!

Posted by ReliableVA on April 21, 2019 at 03:27 PM

ReliableVA is disrupting the Virtual Assisting and Recruiting industries!!! By merging its virtual assistance and career services expertise, ReliableVA can now provide applicants with end-to-end support during the job application process. If you have ever used Monster, Indeed, Careerbuilder or any of those other job portals, is NOTHING like those other sites. Get prepared to #ClaimTheCareerYouDeserve.

Still not convinced why you need a Virtual Assistant like ReliableVA to help in your job search? Here are 5 good reasons why you do:

  1. No Weeds & No Spam here!!! When you apply for a job through the job portal, we do not use bots to weed your resume out of the hiring process, we use them to help you identify gaps in your resume that will help to improve your chances of getting an interview. If your experience does not match the job you have applied for,  your resume will remain on file and you will be notified via text or email, the moment we have identified a role that does!!!
  2. “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression” – Our automated application process provides 24×7 application support. That means your resume is assessed and feedback provided within 24 hours to ensure that your resume is a match for the role and to ensure that your application is completed and submitted to the hiring manager, as quickly as possible.
  3. No “Ghosting” – Have you ever had one or two interviews with an employer and then they seemed to be “ghost”? Well, there will be none of that nonsense, when you apply for a job through the job portal.  After uploading your resume, your file is assigned to a ReliableVA who is responsible for monitoring your status from the time your application is submitted until you are hired. That means, even when you have had an interview and have not heard back, your ReliableVA will intervene to verify your status and provide you with an update. Get updates via email, text and coming soon via Chat!!!
  4. The best things in life are FREE!!! – Our services cost you, the jobseeker, $0, “zilch”, “nada” and we send YOU the “Thank You” note! Our clients pay us to locate and present experienced professionals like you. So, it is in our best interest to support you through the application process.
  5. ReliableVA has “GOT JOBS”!!! That’s right, ReliableVA can help you find a J-O-B!!! ReliableVA is part of a network of recruiters that has access to competitive roles in the nursing, IT/Technology and Sales industries, across the United States. We also have some limited technical and sales opportunities in Canada and the UK. Take the first step and learn about current job openings by visiting the ReliableVA Jobs Portal at

So, what are you waiting for? Search  and #ClaimTheCareerYouDeserve!!!

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