Why are 16,000 Linkedin Employees Calling Out Next Week?

Posted by ReliableVA on April 04, 2021 at 06:55 AM

As reported by AFP, San Francisco based Professional social network LinkedIn is declaring #Restup week, granting nearly all 16,000 full-time employees the week off to #Restup and #Recharge.

The "RestUp!" week, which starts, Monday is meant to give employees a well deserved mental and physical health break for their own well-being.

"There is something magical about the entire company taking a break at the same time," LinkedIn said in reply to an AFP inquiry, and we couldn't agree more! 

The best part is, LinkedIn has managed to figure out a way to remove anxiety by the mere thought of coming back to an avalanche of unanswered internal emails after a long week away from the office with no backfill"

According to LinkedIn, the company has also arranged volunteer activities to provide employees who may feel isolated the option of taking part in "random acts of kindness." This is a great idea since April is national volunteer month. Well played LinkedIn!

Linkedin nailed #Restup week! The next step is to see if #Restup week will go viral, as other large companies follow the networking leader.

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